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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions


Who is Attribui?

Attribui is the company behind the concept of and software for the community management platform Tagading®.

The expertise of Attribui is rooted in almost two decades of research and development.

Attribui is actively involved in several research topics.


What is Screenguest?

Screenguest is a data-driven startup company and spin-out of Attribui.

With Screenguest we serve valuable results and experience of many years of R&D to small and medium enterprises (SME).

Regarding digitalization, we focus on data privacy, security, transparency and automation.

Screenguest® is also a registered trademark of Attribui.


What is Tagading?

Tagading is a community management platform, cloud solution and product line powered by Attribui.

We offer high-class but affordable solutions for online collaboration and process automation.

Tagading® is a registered trademark of Attribui.

What is special about Tagading?

The Tagading software suite allows us to create personally optimized workflows for you. These come on monthly fixed price subscription using a reliable, secure and user-friendly platform.

Who uses Tagading?

Tagading is used for educational institutes and universities, as well as for e-commerce, cultural programs and studies. We continuously extend our platform and product line.

What does the name Tagading mean?

The name Tagading comes from Old High German and loosely defined means “The day on which an event takes place”.