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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Who is Attribui?

Attribui is the company behind the concept of and software for the community management platform Tagading.

What is Screenguest?

Screenguest is an Attribui brand as well as being a wholly owned subsidiary.

What is Tagading?

Tagading is the community management platform powered by Attribui.

What do I need Tagading for?

Tagading will enable you to carry out almost any type of online registration. It will also handle reservations for you as well as doing your resource management.

What is special about tagading?

The Tagading software suite allows us to create personally optimized workflows for you. These come on monthly fixed price subscription using a secure and modern platform.

Who uses Tagading?

Tagading is currently used in universities and other edu- cational institutions as well as in e-commerce, cultural programs and studies.

How do I get more information about Tagading?

Go to where we have compiled information for you to download. We are also happy to send you our brochures by post.

What does the name Tagading mean?

The name Tagading comes from Old High German and means “The day on which an event takes place”.