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Digitalization meets Sustainability

Digitalization meets Sustainability
A new world

Attribui GmbH is an Austrian software company based in Graz that has been carrying out digitization and sustainability projects for more than eight years.

Our team consists of experts who have been successful in various fields of activity for many years. CEO Thomas Winter started entrepreneurship in 2002 and leads with Attribui GmbH, our start-up subsidiary Screenguest GmbH and the Social Enterprise Liberacerta e.U. a strong trio into the future.

All our efforts are focused on two broad themes:

Smart Communities

Smart Communities

Our first big topic is Community Management with Tagading®. We have made it our goal to enable new forms of participation in and between groups. This can affect everyday university life, social and cultural cooperation, digitization tasks in the health sector or networking in our information society. The possible applications are as varied as they are demanding, but they are of decisive importance for the way in which we can shape our lives in the community.

Software for communities

Controlled use of Data

Controlled use of Data

In our second major topic, everything revolves around information. Based on fundamental theoretical considerations, best practices and the current state of knowledge, we focus on the trustworthy management of data within and between organizations.

What we have achieved so far (Spring 2021):

Attribui stands for rock solid software that allows organizations the evolve over years. With Tagading®, our platform, productivity cloud and product line, we started Generation 2, the next big development cycle to be finalized in 2023. Visit the news and milestones page for further information.

Share of sales 2012-2019

As experts in information and communication technologies, we see ourselves in a position and duty to make a contribution to solving the enormous challenges of our time. Since our foundation, we have therefore always been looking for clients and partners who are in harmony with our high ethical standards.

In Numbers

In Numbers Statistiken
Revenues fiscal year 2019. Contributions: Percentage from average sales (as of 2019/12)



One of our most important goals is to strengthen organizational structures for small and medium-sized enterprises, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. We advocate decentralized, balancing economic and social structures that promise sustainable benefits.

The Perfect Match?

Let's answer this question with another question: How much do you count on knowledge, passion, ethics, and diligence? We stand for trustworthy relationships, business based on principles, problem solving with competence, cooperation with a high level of professionalism.